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A small local business that took  the plunge into the online clientele. After years of advertising on print and word of mouth Urban Jungle came to realise how important it is to maintain an online presence. As technology advances it is critical to keep up to date.

Tickles and Curls - I was approached by pcollins.tech who had a client that was in need of putting a photography business online. This included having different galleries and a store for customers to purchase prints.

A client with a massive passion for SEO reached out to me with the idea of creating a Blog.

I have provided consultancy work for various websites in the past. This consists of providing research, UI design, user experience and testing. Most recently I assisted with https://drawtwo.gg.    



Need to spice up your online brand or persona? I can get you on your way to making you stand out from the crowd. Everything from logos and stream overlays.

Responsive Sites

The websites I design are responsive - meaning that they will look well regardless of the device a user loads them on.

Web Design

I approach website enthusiastically. This includes everything from the layout, colour schemes and the general feel of your website.


I can provide a new home for your website. Hosting and domain name services available.

User Experience

My research and planning comes passionately with the user in mind. Intensive testing and planning to help you stay ahead of the game.

Wire Frames

Wireframes and live demos can be organised. This amazing platform allows me to show you what your website can look like.

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